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Ep. #816: Roy Wood Jr.

Roy Wood Jr. discusses headlining a coast-to-coast Just for Laughs tour across Canada in November, the World Series, being on the road and learning a lot about Canada, why he left his correspondent role on The Daily Show and whether he’s still interested in hosting it, the fragile state of late night TV and other ways comedians thrive these days, his work on Better Call Saul, performing at the 2023 White House Correspondents Dinner and what President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris said to him afterwards, the CFL, talking to regular people, other future plans, and much more.

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News Podcast

Ep. #589: Steve Albini

Steve Albini on the star-studded 2020 24 Hour Improv benefit event, the failure of the U.S. to manage the pandemic and most other things, places he might move to, the grim prospects for music and his work at Electrical Audio, Elvis Costello’s opinion, the Houston Astros cheating, Shellac’s next releases, future plans, and more! Photo of Steve taken by vish when Shellac played Vancouver’s Starfish Room on August 21, 1999. Supported by you on Patreon, Live at Massey Hall, Pizza Trokadero, the Bookshelf, Planet Bean Coffee, and Grandad’s Donuts. Support Y.E.S.S. and Black Women United YEG.

Steve Albini, Shellac, August 21, 1999, Starfish Room, Vancouver, BC (vish khanna)