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Ep. #: 188: Chad VanGaalen on doing Stupid Human Tricks on David Letterman

Chad VanGaalen is a talented musician and award-winning filmmaker/visual artist based in Calgary Alberta whose latest album Shrink Dust, was released in 2014 via both Flemish Eye and Sub Pop Records. He is playing Massey Hall in Toronto with the Constantines on May 27 and will appear at the WayHome festival in Oro-Medente on July 24 and that’s all well and good. It’s a little known fact, however, that, on February 27, 2002, prior to becoming somewhat indie-rock famous, VanGaalen and his pal Mark Feddes actually appeared as participants on the popular Late Show with David Letterman segment, Stupid Human Tricks. Here, originally for an A.V. Club piece I wrote, VanGaalen talks about this trick, how he ended up on Letterman, going for gold, being around Cher, stealing all of the green room food, obsessing over freestyle Frisbee, blackmailing Steve Harvey’s TV show, and getting free hats.

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Ep. #187: Mike Sacks on David Letterman

Mike Sacks is a respected journalist and humour writer whose work has appeared in many of America’s top periodicals. He’s a member of the editorial staff at Vanity Fair and has written three books including two acclaimed and mind-blowing interview collections, 2009’s And Here’s the Kicker: Conversations with 21 Humor Writers About Their Craft and 2014’s Poking a Dead Frog: Conversations with Today’s Top Comedy Writers. With David Letterman’s retirement as a TV talk show host imminent, it seemed like a good time to gain more insight about what this means for comedy so here, Mike and I discuss Brooklyn and My Little Pony, attending one of the last tapings of the Late Show with David Letterman, growing up with Dave, watching and taping Letterman as a kid and then reciting his jokes to other kids, observing Reese Witherspoon and fakery, encountering Letterman after the taping, the end of an era and connecting with someone, real time and in the moment with great TV, attending a Letterman taping and seeing all the behind-the-scenes stuff, Norm Macdonald’s amazing tribute to Dave this past Friday night, Letterman’s impact on comedy and kids who watched him and acted and spoke like him, a Letterman bias, Merrill Markoe’s tremendous role on Late Night with David Letterman, Dave admitting that he’s been outta the loop the last few years, coasting, NBC to CBS, Letterman’s stunt-free power and great interviewing skills, Jay Leno, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert, silence and listening, how the world of comedy views Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, subversive comedy lives on the radio and in podcasts, Scharpling, Wurster, and the Best Show, 12:35 AM versus 11:35 PM, Leno’s edginess, Conan O’Brien was pushing the envelope even on the Tonight Show, the tempering of Letterman’s show at CBS, the resilience of the late night TV talk show format, tradition, the dullness of certain interviews as opposed to real talk, Letterman says he might do a podcast, what will happen to TV and comedy when Letterman leaves, youthification, historical comedy, the greatness of Poking a Dead Frog, writing a crime book and/or collaborating on a comedian’s memoir, not chasing a Letterman interview, the Harry Shearer versus The Simpsons fiasco, Letterman’s final episodes feature Tom Hanks, Eddie Vedder, Bill Murray, and Bob Dylan, predicting what the final episode will consist of, anyone can do anything but not everyone can do everything, @michaelbsacks, and that’s all kids.

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Ep. #186: Socalled

Socalled is the moniker of a talented musical mastermind named Josh Dolgin who calls Montreal home. As someone who truly embraces the open-ended and multi-faceted aspects of hip-hop culture, Socalled’s music reflects virtually every kind of noise and genre touchstone that world has yielded to date. His fifth album is a joyous and star-studded but ultimately all Socalled affair called Peoplewatching, it’s out now via Dare to Care Records, and here, Josh and I discuss talking to Socalled, the musical The Season, Seattle pals, asserting himself on Peoplewatching, rapping and joking, hip-hop culture, Off the Hook Radio, conservatism in the production and reception of hip-hop, the weirdly right-wing-y materialistic part of hip-hop that has replaced much of its aspirational bent, rap heroes and being stuck in the 90s, Drake talk, dropping Chilly Gonzales’ name, hearing A Tribe Called Quest when you’re 16 years old, the people of Peoplewatching, Chinese-Indian fusion cooking, the sad story of Amar Singh Chamkila, Katie Moore, Oliver Jones, Fred Wesley is for the people, quoting Genghis Khan, a terrible philosophy, the song “Fire on Hutchison Street,” growing up in Chelsea, Quebec but going to school in Montreal and how Socalled became a musician, the weird assignment of re-fashioning the theme song for the show As It Happens and the CBC listener backlash, getting Moe Koffman’s widow’s blessing, no love in Toronto, never getting covered by Exclaim!, the awesome Socalled band, figuring out which song we want to play right now, the song “Never See You Again,” @peeplewatching on instagram, and then we’re dreamin.’

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