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Ep. #211: Julie Fader & Graham Walsh of Etiquette

Etiquette is a wonderfully haunting, groove and ambient-rich pop band started by real-life couple Julie Fader and Holy Fuck’s Graham Walsh in their homebase of Toronto, ON. This past March, they released Reminisce, their debut album, which is out via Hand Drawn Dracula and they’re playing Camp Wavelength on Toronto Island this Saturday August 29 at 2:00 PM. Here, Julie, Graham, and I discuss my frozen face post-dental surgery, oral hygiene, ginger ale, Graham made it, fixing up a fixer-upper in Toronto, revealing Julie’s pregnancy during breakfast on an old radio show of mine, breakfast tacos, Jerry Seinfeld owes me money, Graham is busy working on the new Operators record, METZ’s vocal part recordings, too loud for Frances, touring versus making and selling records, musical depression, the sound of Etiquette, the power of King Cobb Steelie, Julie’s voice, making makeout music, Julie’s singing and lyrics, sex on the bathroom floor, people misinterpreting Etiquette lyrics because of Julie and Graham’s personal relationship, Julie and Siri, Guelph rules and cowboys, ladyfriend, how Julie and Graham met at Dr. Disc, the Raven in Hamilton, upside down bass, lefty, Flux, growing up playing music, the flute, singing with Sarah Harmer, playing acoustic guitar, that Massey Hall show with Chad VanGaalen, vagabond carpentry, Sarah Harmer and Emily Post, making a new Etiquette record before the new Holy Fuck record comes out, musical freedom and oppression, a significant creative spurt, the song “Attention Seeker,” and then there was drool.

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Ep. #210: Mick Jenkins

Mick Jenkins is a powerful, uncompromising young hip-hop artist who has spent most of his life as a citizen of Chicago, Illinois. Born in Alabama in 1991, Jenkins first received widespread attention for his 2013 mixtape Trees and Truths and followed its success up with the gritty, politically-charged masterstroke, The Water[s], which many regarded as one of the finest albums of 2014. Working at a furious pace, Jenkins is back with an excellent and vibrant new release called Wave[s], which is out via Cinematic Music Group, and has prompted Jenkins to tour right across North America, including stops at Toronto’s the Hoxton on September 1 and Ottawa’s Ritual on September 2. Here, Mick and I talk about getting his hair done on the south side of Chicago, how violence in the city has been overblown, how American media outlets sensationalize violence, Chief Keef and drill music, scapegoating, being personally impacted by this violence, the story behind the explosive video for “Ps & Qs” and alliteration, director Nathan Smith, the state of the United States of America, the ways in which humans deliberately avoid solving catastrophic problems that are easy to fix, stories from the Bible and about Jesus Christ, the bathing suit, why the world is more evil, how Satan wants you to go to hell, trying to believe politicians, Republicans and Democrats and concepts of evil and good, the election campaign cycle, how the one percent controls the ninety-nine percent, the dynamic lyrical content of Wave[s], speaking about women, what relationships teach us about ourselves, the power of water, Feel[s], The Healing Component, when Ice Cube speaks on women and N.W.A., the rise of socially aware, sensitive rappers, liking Drake and getting over his origin story, being fine with people not always getting it, not changing, being a prolific artist, bringing Wave[s] to life on-stage, not being a lawyer or being politically engaged, the song “Your Love,” and then there was slumber.

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