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Ep. #885: Laughing

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Laura Jeffery, Josh Salter, Andre Charles Thériault, and Cole Woods from Laughing discuss their debut album, Because It’s True, our previous interactions and how this band formed around a democratic principle of four singers and songwriters who can swap instruments where necessary, their love of power pop and bands like Big Star, the Replacements, and Pavement, writing clever, biting songs about love and being outside, making their album with Faith Healer’s Renny Wilson, promoting Montreal businesses like Pizza Bouquet and Star Bar, what’s next for Laughing and the members’ respective pursuits, other future plans, and much more!

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Ep. #516: Jessica Jalbert (Faith Healer) & Jom Comyn

Jessica Jalbert of Faith Healer and Jom Comyn teach me all about living life in Edmonton, its music scenes, its pizza scenes, jams, perceptions of Ontario, their current and future plans, and more! Supported by Pizza Trokadero, the Bookshelf, Planet Bean Coffee, and Grandad’s Donuts. Please take this listener survey

News Podcast

Ep. #371: Faith Healer

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