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Ep. #616: tune-yards

Merrill Garbus and Nate Brenner discuss tune-yards, their new album sketchy., running, workaholism and managing creative expectations, delving into what socio-cultural appropriation really means, improvisation, future plans, and more! Supported by you on Patreon, Blackbyrd Myoozik, Live at Massey Hall, Pizza Trokadero, the Bookshelf, Planet Bean Coffee, and Grandad’s Donuts. Support Y.E.S.S. and Black Women United YEG. Follow¬†vish online.


Bonnie “Prince” Billy on MVIMS! – 02/23/2011

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This week the Mich Vish Interracial Morning Show! is pleased to welcome Will Oldham, otherwise known as Bonnie “Prince” Billy back to the program at 8:00 AM EST.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy

To learn more about listening live or downloading/streaming this show later, please visit this link or perhaps even this link to hear this and/or other recent episodes.

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