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Ep. #880: Guided By Voices

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Doug Gillard from Guided By Voices discusses the band’s 41st album, Strut of Kings, living in Queens and a Joey Ramone encounter, how Robert Pollard writes and shares songs with the rest of GBV and how his collaboration with Doug has evolved over three decades, loving Canadian comedy and sharing a flight with Kids in the Hall’s Dave Foley, late night TV talk show performances on Open Mike with Mike Bullard, loving Conan O’Brien and writer-performers like Robert Smigel and Brian Stack, appearing on Late Night with Conan O’Brien the night Bill Hader made his panel debut, what got Doug into music and the love he and Bob share for the Beatles, why Bob doesn’t really do radio or podcast interviews these days, GBV tour dates, another Doug solo album, other future plans, and much more.   

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Ep. #738: Superchunk

Mac McCaughan discusses Superchunk and their wonderful 2022 album Wild Loneliness, writing and recording songs during a pandemic, acoustic guitars and lovely singing, here’s where Owen Pallett’s strings come in, how we listen and contemplating humanity, working with Amy Poehler and Amber Tamblyn, Halloween, how he writes songs, future plans for Superchunk and Merge Records, and much more. Supported by you on PatreonBlackbyrd MyoozikPizza Trokaderothe BookshelfPlanet Bean Coffee, and Grandad’s Donuts. Support Y.E.S.S. and Black Women United YEG. Follow vish online.

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Ep. #327: Mac McCaughan

Mac McCaughan is a talented and influential songwriter, musician, and singer based in North Carolina. Renowned for his prolific output in bands like Superchunk and Portastatic, McCaughan also co-founded Merge Records, one of the world’s most resilient and tastemaking independent labels. In the face of Republican cuts to programs that cruelly impact women and other disenfranchised people, McCaughan and his bandmates in Superchunk just released a limited edition single called I Got Cut with all proceeds benefitting Planned Parenthood. They also worked with local visual artists who custom made artwork for a handful of singles that are up for auction until June 28 on the site, Again, all proceeds from the auction benefit Planned Parenthood. Mac and I recently had a conversation about what motivated this new single, the political landscape in North Carolina and how it relates to the rest of U.S., the state of progressivism, his early exposure to political punk and seeing Van Halen in the early 1980s, how his Merge Records partner and fellow Superchunk member Laura Ballance has been doing since leaving the road behind in 2013, Arcade Fire’s departure from Merge for Columbia Records, and much more. Sponsored by Pizza Trokadero, the Bookshelf, and Planet Bean Coffee.