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Ep. #110: Josh Salter & Matt Peters of Monomyth

Monomyth is a really cool band from Halifax that make a hazy, gritty kind of pop music. Their washed out, psych-rock-tinged new album is called Saturnalia Regalia! and it’s out July 22 via Mint Records. They’re touring through Ontario and Quebec now, with NXNE shows in Toronto on June 18 at the Drake and Handlebar, a Guelph show at 32 Essex St. during Post-Fest, a Toronto show at Saving Gigi at 1:00 PM on June 21 and a Montreal show that night at Brasserie Beaubien. Back in April, Monomyth and I were both in St. John’s Newfoundland for the Lawnya Vawnya festival and singer/guitarist Josh Salter, drummer Matt Peters, and I found time to get together at the radio headquarters of Keep Station for a chat about the band and stuff. Here, we talk about how Matt’s elbows rattle Keep Station, what St. John’s is like, moose curry, Halifax is far away from Newfoundland, the East Coast Music Awards and No-cases, how to sleep on an airplane, it happens in Florida, Josh cruises with his dad, Josh is actually from Hubley while Matt is actually from Upper Tantallon and they’ve known each other since grade one, Josh’s dad has learned to party, little league of horrors, the Matt Peters Erection, Overlord Sinner and Windows 95 Media Recorder, the Halifax pop explosion, 1991: The Year Punk Broke, nü metal, the Burdocks and Dog Day and Special Noise, the importance of Sloan, musical democracy, Monomyth’s other drummer, Charles Austin and Psychic Fair, Mike O’Neill and Black Jesus, songwriting distinctions, shoegaze and My Bloody Valentine, the song “Pac Ambition” and Tupac Shkaur, making lo-fi Monomyth tapes, Joseph Campbell, bottlecap toss, the song “The Big Reveal,” and that just about wraps it up.

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Ep. #41: Mike O’Neill

Mike O’Neill is a very talented singer, songwriter, and musician who currently lives in Halifax, NS. He first came to prominence in the esteemed two-piece indie-rock band the Inbreds and has gone on to make some really remarkable solo albums, including 2012’s criminally underrated Wild Lines. He’s also a screenwriter and has worked extensively on the very popular TV and film versions of the Trailer Park Boys series. O’Neill recently began collaborating with an enigmatic American-based Canadian songwriter named Devon Sproule and, on Sept. 24, the duo released a thoughtful, gorgeous collaborative album called Colours via Tin Angel Records. A couple of months ago, I met up with Mike at his mom’s house in Oshawa and got some background about his life there. I met his mom who offered her insights, I learned about Mike’s foray into student council politics and how his late, handy dad helped him make his first drum kit, I got some more info about Mike’s visual arts background and how his attempt to impress a prom date with a mural sort of backfired, his early musical obsessions, how the Inbreds started, his work with Devon Sproule and her impact on his process, what’s up with the new Trailer Park Boys movie, and just a ton more. There’s some songs on here too. Hedges get clipped. It’s a good episode. Mike rules.

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KYEO + CFRU 93.3 FM Present: John K. Samson & The Provincial Band + Mike O’Neill – March 21st – Ebar


Just a note that, as of 1:00 PM EST, there are 10 advance tix left at the Bookshelf (41 Quebec St. Guelph) tonight.

BUT, there’s about 50 spots at the door so, if you make it for 9:30 PM, you should get in.

It’s $14 with a non-perishable food item and $16 without. It’s all-ages too.

There’s no restaurant below the Ebar right now, which makes doing shows on time so much easier. We can soundcheck early and be as noisy as we want! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Here, no foolin’, are the set-times for Wednesday:

9:30 PM- doors
10:00 PM – Mike O’Neill
11:00 PM – John K. Samson & The Provincial Band

See you then.


KYEO & CFRU 93.3 FM Present:

John K. Samson & The Provincial Band (John is in the Weakerthans)
Mike O’Neill (Mike was in the Inbreds)

Wednesday March 21, 2012

The Ebar – 41 Quebec St. – Guelph
9:30 PM
AA/LIC (Not Accessible)

$14 with non-perishable item for the Guelph Food Bank
$16 without

Tickets Available at the Bookshelf (NOW) and the Door (THEN)

John K. Samson is the singer and songwriter for the highly acclaimed indie rock band, The Weakerthans. On January 24th, Samson will release a full length solo album, Provincial via Epitaph-Anti Records.

The live dates will feature songs from the new album backed by The Provincial Band, comprised of Shotgun Jimmie on guitar, Doug Friesen (Pete Elkas, Bidiniband) on electric and upright bass and Doug MacGregor (Constantines) on drums. Samson will also perform a selection of solo renditions of material spanning his 20 years as a songwriter.

Mike O’Neill has announced the release of his highly anticipated new album, Wild Lines. Following his previous solo outings What Happens Now? (2000) and The Owl (2004), the former Inbreds frontman’s latest offering is available on February 28, 2012.