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Ep. #281: Fake Palms

Michael le Riche is a musician, singer, and songwriter based in Toronto, Ontario. Formerly a member of the band the Darcys, le Riche struck out on his own to find an outlet for his own darker rock and punk leanings, which he now has with the acclaimed band Fake Palms. Following up on their well-received 2015 self-titled debut record, Fake Palms is releasing a new EP called Heavy Paranoia via Buzz Records on September 30 and playing select shows, which you can learn more about at buzzrecords.ca. In mid-August, I was in Ottawa for the Arboretum Festival and so were Fake Palms so that’s where Michael and I caught up to talk about his various names, Ottawa and Alanis Morrissette, getting punched in the face and being able to take it, a bar Cold War, the weirdness and Ottawa, the Darcys and trouble, Matthew McConaughey and Ben Affleck and Justin Trudeau’s shirtless photo bombing, leaving the Darcys, a musical downsizing and the dawn of Fake Palms, the Huff Po piece and financial infrastructures, going from home demos to putting together Fake Palms debut record quite quickly, Motown-y to heavy town-y, Simone TB’s amazing drumming, seeing Fake Palms in St. John’s, being a real band, Maria and Fuzzy Logic, Buzz Records, popularity and credibility, Toronto suburbs and Beaton, Ontario, working at chain record stores, customer service and the bizarre HMV no-receipt-return policy, resealing used records and selling them as new, learning how to play guitar and taking jazz lessons, knowing too much, the Buzz Records buzz, the vibrancy of Toronto’s music community right now, METZ and Fucked Up, the effect the late Mayor Rob Ford had on Toronto’s punk scene, how local music reflects the atmosphere in Toronto, the new Fake Palms Heavy Paranoia EP, losing his brother, the collaborative aspects of Fake Palms these days, an intimate but not so interactive podcast episode, the song “Holiday” and then no one got punched in the face.


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Ep. #276: Katie Monks of Dilly Dally

Katie Monks and Liz Ball are members of an explosive Toronto-based rock band called Dilly Dally. High school friends, Monks and Ball grew up loving Nirvana, Pixies, Sonic Youth, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs among others, eventually honing their own chops as guitarists and songwriters and forming Dilly Dally. In the fall of 2015, the band released its critically-acclaimed album Sore, via the Toronto label Buzz Records, and have been touring steadily ever since with forthcoming dates at Arboretum Festival in Ottawa on August 17 and many European and American shows, beginning at the end of August and leading into September and October . Here, Katie and I discuss the fact that Liz is probably sleeping, setting the record straight about info in the ‘official’ Dilly Dally bio, things from the past get soupy, why her and friends gravitated towards sad, junkie, self-destructive artist boys like Kurt Cobain, Christopher Owens, and Pete Doherty, kill yr idols, maternal instincts, getting it together, bowing down to nobody and respecting life, compassion, owing your fans, Toronto hype, the mythology around tortured artists and success, the music industry, Kurt Cobain was likely smart, a switch, being a woman and helping other women, growing up in Newmarket, living the dream, seeking chaos, the Toronto real estate-related arts exodus, 2013 Toronto, construction in the city, Drake, Rob Ford, Fucked Up, the Blue Jays, and the Raptors and Toronto getting more worldwide attention, the Dilly Dally song “Purple Rage” and the Prince song “Purple Rain,” loving problematic Prince and Purple Rain, her brother Dave who plays in Tokyo Police Club and what their musical upbringing was like, a Beatles chord book, older sibling shop talk, safe European flights, a Dublin family reunion, touring the U.S. during the actual presidential election this fall, the unmediated truth, the future of Dilly Dally and the song “The Touch,” a postcard of a dead cat, and that was that.

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Ep. #255: Shehzaad Jiwani of Greys

Shehzaad Jiwani is the lead singer and lyricist in the Toronto punk rock band Greys. Formed in 2011, they’ve released a handful of singles and two LPs, including 2016’s acclaimed Outer Heaven, which is out now via both Buzz Records and Carpark Records ahead of tour dates throughout Canada and U.S. this summer. Back in April, Shehzaad and I went on an adventurous walk around his neighbouhood in Toronto with the new Rotate This location, as our prime destination. On our trek, we discussed the heart of Toronto downtown city, Scarborough and North York, running into Christina and Alanna, a grade 12 trip to Montreal, Mr. Flamingo, Shehzad’s blonde hair in grade four, his memorable face, a mean thing, being single again, singers never know how to use microphones on my show, it’s all downhill or uphill from here, border guard trouble, picking up copies of the physical album, ex-girlfriend stuff, Julian Swift and the Red Light whiskey bar, the Cola Heads, the Balconies, Get Well and North of Brooklyn Pizza, the age of outrage, the Telegramme silkscreen print shop and Matt who works there, Rotate This as neighbours, Buzz Records, Rotate This is closed early, the chorus of “Complaint Rock,” the Sonic Youth song “Swimsuit Issue” from their album Dirty and its influence on “Complaint Rock,” people who opine just to opine on the internet, Greys’ trajectory over the past five years, the FACTOR debate, writing from a socially political standpoint, Vish is sad, weed stores, getting into music as a kid, the song “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones, the album title Voodoo Lounge, Bridges to Babylon and k.d. lang, Rick Froberg and Mick Jagger and being yowl-y, the songs “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” and “This Mystic Decade,” playing music, a supportive dad, playing drums first, the song “1979” by the Smashing Pumpkins, where Greys came from, a more timid Toronto, CBC Radio 3, how Greys serve and reflect their community in Toronto, glibness, looking for Lisgar, a deeper delving into Outer Heaven and its dynamic musical arrangements, a stray dog, my friend Mick Brambilla and the party at his house, touring, playing punk rock, Justin Small, googling your band name, the song “If it’s All the Same to You,” and then the ramble is over.

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