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Ep. #873: Luka Kuplowsky

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Luka Kuplowsky discusses How Can I Possibly Sleep When There Is Music, his new album with the Ryōkan band, film studies in Toronto, life-changing Beverly Glenn-Copeland encounters, exploring Buddhism, meditation, Tang Dynasty poetry, and speak-singing, why producer Sandro Perri suggested he perform one song like a tentative fifth grader, the magical gathering place and venue that is Toronto’s Tranzac, wanting to be Jackie Chan, theatrical staging, his next album, tour, other future plans, and much more.   

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Ep. #787: One Hundred Dollars

Simone Schmidt and Ian Russell discuss their band One Hundred Dollars and the recent Blue Fog Recordings reissue of their classic debut album, Forest of Tears, listening speeds, our long relationship, recording with Rick White, the 2007ish Toronto music scene, vinyl records and music consumption, the mysterious band LSDoubleDCup, representation and the evolution of awareness, Ian’s solo record In Light, new Fiver music and shows, other future plans, and much more. Supported by you on Patreon, plus Pizza Trokaderothe BookshelfPlanet Bean Coffee, and Grandad’s Donuts. Support Y.E.S.S. and Black Women United YEG. Follow vish online.

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Ep. #542: Fiver

Simone Schmidt discusses pandemic peril in Toronto, music biz cartels, the Atlantic School of Spontaneous Composition and their new Fiver collaboration, You Wanted Country? Vol. 1, and more! Supported by Live at Massey Hall, Pizza Trokadero, the Bookshelf, Planet Bean Coffee, and Grandad’s Donuts.