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Ep. #859: Raymond Biesinger

Raymond Biesinger discusses his best-selling book, 305 Lost Buildings of Canada, and trajectory as an illustrator, when Cadence Weapon introduced us outside of a Sadies show in Edmonton, why he didn’t actually feel like attending that show, his time in the Famines and why he retired from music making, his Edmonton social circles, why his work highlights marginalized lives and his use of historical adaptation, how his collaboration with Alex Bozikovic and their book came about, people who steal his work, an idea for his next book, other future plans, and much more.

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News Podcast

Ep. #56: Dallas Good

Dallas Good is a tremendously gifted multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, Ontario who is best known for singing and playing guitar in the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band, the Sadies. The hardest working, most prolific band I know, the Sadies have been conquering this planet one town at a time for almost 20 years, collaborating with a long list of luminaries and making their own mark with each new album better than the last. Their new record is called Internal Sounds and is available now courtesy of Outside Records in Canada and Sadie plays shows in Hamilton and London, Ontario this week with more dates to follow. Here Dallas and I talk about him producing the new Sadies LP, how it compares to working with people like Steve Albini and Gary Louris, how the band dynamic is tested when he’s the boss, why some new Sadie songs sound like the Band, the band’s punk pedigree and whether punks enjoy Sadie as much as folk festival people do, how the road can be weird, the time Dallas broke his leg and missed a show in Saskatoon, working with Buffy Sainte-Marie, what’s up with Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Career Suicide, and the Good Family, the song “STORY 19,” and more.

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