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Ep. #869: Steve Albini

After almost 20 years of near-annual conversations, my final talk with Steve Albini took place on April 23, 2024. Steve died suddenly on May 7. This last chat was ostensibly about the new Shellac album, To All Trains, and Steve told me a story about every song, though I hadn’t yet heard one note from the album at the time. Preparing this episode was sad and surreal; it felt like Steve was still here. As part of my attempt to honour Steve and our long association, I wanted to share this with others who are grieving and may want to hear his voice again. The interview itself appears at roughly the 45:00 mark, after my own remembrance and tribute. I cannot adequately convey what Steve meant to me and the world, but I tried. I love you Steve and will miss you forever. Thank you for everything.

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My first Steve Albini interview (2006)

Steve Albini, Shellac, August 21, 1999, Starfish Room, Vancouver, BC (vish khanna)
Steve makes me a fluffy coffee at Electrical Audio, Chicago, Illinois, April, 2013. (Colin Medley)