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Ep. #20: Chad VanGaalen + Slim Cessna

Chad VanGaalen is a very talented and strange musician, visual artist, animator, filmmaker, father and resident of the good city of Calgary, Alberta. Though ostensibly a homebody, he will occasionally leave the house to tour behind records like 2011’s Diaper Island but it is a pretty rare thing to see him live. That said, he does make a real effort to make it to Sackville, NB for SappyFest whenever he can and he was recently just added to this year’s edition, taking place Aug. 2 to 4. He has also made a new tape that will be on sale exclusively at SappyFest this weekend, and then, if people are dicks, on Ebay by Monday. You can actually hear a song called “NO!!!” from this tape before the end of our conversation.

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club has been wowing audiences for over 20 years now, often inspiring critics to praise the punk-infused country outfit as the best live band in America. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, the group crafts earnest ballads and inspiring gospel songs like few before them. They’ve been closely aligned with the Alternative Tentacles label and shared stages with everyone from Johnny Cash to Jello Biafra. Earlier this year, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club released a comp called SCAC102: An Introduction For Young And Old Europe and, between August 1 and 3, their current tour brings them to London, Toronto, and Ottawa, Ontario for shows. Slim and I chat about that and play a new/old song of theirs.

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