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Ep. #202: Doldrums

Doldrums is the electro-punk moniker of Airick Woodhead who currently lives in Montreal. Woodhead has been making music publicly since he was 13 years old and was a founding member of the inventive, well-respected Toronto band, Spiral Beach. Since Spiral Beach disbanded, Woodhead has been exploring other kinds of music and the melodic, jarring, hazy sounds in Doldrums really speak to his open mind and constant desire to challenge conventional perceptions of art. The latest album by Doldrums is The Air Conditioned Nightmare, it’s out now via Sub Pop, and has prompted Woodhead to tour the world, including a stop by the Hillside Festival in Guelph on the weekend of July 24. Here, Airick and I discuss chilling at the Arbutus Records office, touring with people from Spiral Beach, Henry Miller’s trip, a traveller’s disillusionment with home, iDeath and Richard Brautigan, anger and everything, evolving thoughts on EDM, web traffic, testing your own genes, the Hillside Festival as a formative musical influence, David Woodhead and Scott Merritt and the Barmitzvah Brothers, having a rad dad, pop-punk and hip-hop, Toronto’s music community compared to Montreal’s. contemplating leaving music behind to become a geneticist, the song “Video Hostage” and then there was tackling,

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Ep. #184: METZ

METZ is one of the best hard rock bands in the whole wide world and their members, singer/guitarist Alex Edkins, bassist/singer Chris Slorach, and drummer Hayden Menzies all currently reside in Toronto. Their new album is called II and is out now via Sub Pop, prompting them to tour the world over for the foreseeable future. On May 1, METZ and I hung out on a patio on Bloor Street and discussed being a at Strombo’s house, people’s perceptions of the band after they broke out, Jello Biafra and Johnny Rotten, the Shirley Temple I ordered, alcohol abstinence and straight edge, epically PG and PC punk culture, the song from Aladdin and a whole new world, academic punks, feeling too cool for Nirvana as a kid, the amazing band Hoover, people who care about a band playing lots of shows, living the dream, thinking about the future, aging into the music you make, knowing your limits, meticulous production, Cam Loeppky, recording new songs already, chatty Cathy, Highway to Hell, AC/DC, Clickbait Khanna, pancake Tuesday, favourite songs and not always knowing what Alex is writing about, bringing the vocals up, agonizing over lyrics, the song “Spit You Out,” and then we broke up.

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Ep. #167: THEESatisfaction

THEESatisfaction is a remarkable multi-genre duo based in Seattle, Washington. Cat and Stas are two fearless and visionary young women steeped in hip-hop and R&B whose 2012 Sub Pop debut, awE naturalE, made several lists, as one of the most noteworthy albums of the year. Their new album is EarthEE, it’s dizzying, remarkable, and romantic, and it’s out Feb. 24 on Sub Pop. Here we discuss how Stasia’s in Brooklyn these days, spending four years working on their first album, growing as musicians, no samples, laughing at sexiness, how THEESatisfaction works, what Seattle and the Black Constellation is all about, musical missions, keeping things positive, the meaning of “Post Black, Anyway” and self-awareness in people fending off racism, today’s letter is “E,’ what hip-hop is and what some people think it is, touring in April, SXSW or China, celebrity watching, bonus tracks, the song “EarthEE,” and that was all.

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