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Ep. #201: LIDS

LIDS is a Toronto-based trio consisting of Brian Borcherdt (Holy Fuck, Dusted), Doug MacGregor (Constantines, City and Colour), and Alex Edkins (METZ). This past March, the band released a single for “Sarsfest” b/w “Blank Flag” via Telephone Explosion and have played select shows when their busy schedules permitted them to do so. This Sunday July 26 at 7 PM, LIDS performs at Guelph’s Hillside Festival and here, Brian, Doug, Alex, and I talk about the nineties, Empire Records and Reality Bites and The Ben Stiller Show, DVDs, Ronnie’s and break-ups, METZ are fine, where LIDS came from and how they’re a ‘stupor group,’ Rob Ford and the Pan Am Games HOV lanes, two and not three, Toronto the extreme, dysfunctional local government versus civic action, Mayor John Tory and Kanye West and Drake, slapping the bass, good and bad Hillside workshops, Brian dressed like a goofy robot, under pressure, when Prime Minister Stephen Harper attacked Holy Fuck, Doug’s jam band app, Dioctave and drumming with a drum machine, dabbled in clickage, LIDS is a buddy band, Chris Koltay from Detroit, one day in Perth, who’s the busiest, Doug has to juggle City and Colour and Constantines, Brian has free time, Dusted, the MC5 and Can, SARSstock, AC/DC kicked ass and the Stones kinda stunk, Will Kidman quit when AC/DC went on-stage, AC/DC rehearsed at Cherry Beach, my kid and AC/DC, Doug and Back in Black, when Brian defaced a Bon Scott statue, future plans for everyone, Holy Fuck’s new album, Hillside Festival chatter, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, the songs “Sarsfest” and “Blank Flag,” and then we put a lid on it.

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Ep. #196: José Miguel Contreras of By Divine Right

José Miguel Contreras is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, actor, film composer, and amazing songwriter currently based in Toronto. Contreras is best known as the only consistent member of By Divine Right, a tremendously significant band whose past contributors include Feist and musicians who went on to form Broken Social Scene, Holy Fuck, and Sheezer among many others. By Divine Right’s first show took place in June 1990 and, on July 1, they celebrate their 25th anniversary with a big, all-star concert at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre, featuring past and current members and other special guests. By Divine Right are also returning to the Hillside Festival on the July 24-26 weekend and will release a new record this year as well. Here, José and I talk about being in bed, freshening and boning up, the history of BDR, when they sucked, when they ruled, wanting and not wanting people to be in BDR’s revolving door lineup, Lysh and Geordie, Mark Goldstein on drums forever, the three-night stint with Change of Heart I saw in Guelph in 1997, getting going with a tape and touring with the Inbreds, the first person to ever leave BDR, the only time BDR might ever stop for good is now, the chemistry, the differences between Toronto and the internet in 1990 and now, seeing high school mate Hayden succeed, the importance of James Ogilvie, finding cool sounds, playing with Mark and James could be a bit dirty, Guelph’s Trasheteria, Dallas Good and drugs, going to high school with Sean Dean, born in Chile on John Lennon and Sean Lennon’s birthday, Yoko Ono might be creepy for not suggesting John hang out with the Beatles every once in a while, Chilean folk music and the Monkees, Beatles comps, where does happiness come from, finding your purpose, bliss bubbles, growing up in Thornhill and attending high school with Jian Ghomeshi who could be weird, Jian’s little black book, playing Jian’s high school show Swé, José’s role in the new film Porch Stories, his co-star Laura Barrett, the film’s plot and themes, acting again, music for him versus music for BDR, upcoming solo and BDR releases, leaving the Beaches for the west end, Divine @ 25 at the Harbourfront Centre, “itineration,” juicy past band members taking part in this thing, two hours of BDR, figuring out my role in this event, playing Hillside again, the song “More Thorns,” and that was it.

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Stay Out of the Mall XII: Sarah Harmer, Dusted, Bry Webb & more play Guelph


Sarah Harmer, Bry Webb, Dusted, more play Stay Out of the Mall XII
Annual Guelph concert benefits Canadian Cancer Society

 The twelfth annual Stay Out of the Mall festival benefitting the Canadian Cancer Society takes place on Thursday Dec. 5 and Friday Dec. 6, 2013 at the Ebar (41 Quebec St.) in Guelph, ON. This year’s line-up features the amazing, award-winning Sarah Harmer in an intimate venue for a rare area appearance. Harmer’s most recent release is 2010’s lovely, spirited Oh Little Fire.

Holy Fuck’s Brian Borcherdt returns to Guelph with his other band Dusted, which will likely feature Loel Campbell of Wintersleep on drums. Dusted, who released the acclaimed LP Total Dust earlier this year will headline Thursday evening, while Harmer headlines Friday.

Also on Thursday, Toronto’s Marine Dreams, featuring Ian Daniel Kehoe of Attack in Black, play in support of their new album Corner of the Eye. Popular Guelph band Esther Grey, featuring the compelling voice and vision of Steph Yates opens the night, likely playing songs from their latest single, Buttermilk.

On Friday, Bry Webb, formerly of Constantines, walks a few blocks from his home to play just ahead of his colleague and one-time collaborator Harmer. Webb is close to completing the follow-up to his stunning solo debut, 2011’s Provider. Grey Kingdom is Spencer Burton (also once a member of the now-defunct Attack in Black), a wily, strange, hilarious bearded figure whose songs stir hearts and banter stirs bladders. In the underground music scene, there is no one more unexpectedly hilarious than Grey Kingdom. As he reads this, he is cursing my name. This will result in even more ludicrous banter. Make him angry. He needs it.

Tickets to each evening of Stay Out of the Mall XII are available online now via and in-person at the Bookshelf (41 Quebec St.) in Guelph. There is a Facebook event page for Thursday and also one for Friday. Updates and info will be posted there and also here.

Some of this info is available below.


In support of the Canadian Cancer Society
towards leukemia research in memory of Sharon Marshall

KYEO Presents:

 Stay Out of the Mall XII
A Festive Music Festival

 Thursday December 5, 2013:

 Dusted / Marine Dreams / Esther Grey

 $10 with non-perishable item for the Guelph Food Bank
$12 without


Friday December 6, 2013:

 Sarah Harmer / Bry Webb / Grey Kingdom

 $18 with non-perishable item for the Guelph Food Bank
$20 without


The Ebar
41 Quebec St. N. Guelph
Doors at 9 PM
AA/LIC (Not accessible)

 Tickets for both evenings available now via and the Bookshelf (41 Quebec St)