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Ep. #259: Savak’s Sohrab Habibion

Sohrab Habibion is a talented guitarist, singer, graphic designer, and engineer based in Brooklyn, New York. He has played in wonderful punk rock bands in the past, including Edsel and the Obits. His new band is called Savak and features members of Holy Fuck, Nation of Ulysses, The Cops, and his fellow Obit, Greg Simpson. Savak’s excellent debut album is called Best of Luck in Future Endeavours, it’s out now via Comedy Minus One Records, and the band has started playing shows close to home. Here, Sohrab and I discuss the last time he was on the show discussing the end of Obits, the origin of Savak, the Obits overlap, two drummers, Savak’s social infrastructure, a band full of designers, Michael Jaworski, the last Obits material and the first Savak material, splitting singing with Michael, kissing someone off with ‘best of luck in future endeavours,’ hope and suspicion, melancholia, the relationship between under and overground culture, things might be bigger than they seem, precious time and urgency, DIY punk culture and DIV reality TV, time management and sleeping, making the most of things while you can, transitional decades and adapting to life, magical musicians, assertiveness within the work of Savak, the state of the union, the conversations that are taking place within the rise of Donald Trump (and Hillary Clinton) and what they might mean, musicians who feel sheepish talking about politics, how knowing things and feeling things are different, sound bytes and anti-intellectualism, President Barack Obama’s recent speech about how “it’s not cool to not know stuff,” pretending to be an everyman to screw over the everyman, news and informational satire, impactful songs, Brendan Canty’s new band Super!Silver!Haze, Jerry Busher’s new band Sun Wolf, Puff Pieces, tour plans, the song “Early Western Traders,” and then we each went on to our own respective future endeavours.

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Ep. #177: Sohrab Habibion on Obits calling it quits

Yesterday, the great American rock ‘n’ roll band Obits announced that they were breaking up after 10 years together. Today, I spoke to guitarist/vocalist Sohrab Habibion about why this happened and what it means for life on this planet. All kidding aside, this is a bummer. Obits ruled.

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Ep. #29: Sohrab Habibion of Obits

Sohrab Habibion is a multi-talented musician, graphic artist, recording engineer, and generally great person who currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. For close to a decade, he played in the Washington D.C.-based band Edsel before they broke up in the late nineties. He now sings and plays guitar in Obits, one of America’s best surf-y, garage rock bands, whose gritty, powerful, third album, Bed & Bugs is available everywhere on Sept. 10 via Sub Pop Records. The band, which also features bassist Greg Simpson, drummer Alexis Fleisig, and vocalist/guitarist Rick Froberg, is touring the U.S. and Canada beginning Sept. 21, including stops at Montreal’s Il Motore on Oct. 3, Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern on Oct. 4, and the Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver on Nov. 14. Here Habibion provides a full-on LP preview, complete with Vine-sized song excerpts and track-by-track anecdotes.

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Obits Band Photo

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