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Ep. #253: Several Futures

Several Futures is a post-punk band from Toronto consisting of Jonny Dovercourt, Matt Nish-Lapidus, and Evan Davies. Dovercourt is the driving force behind Toronto’s celebrated Wavelength concert series and he and Davies once played together in a band called Republic of Safety, who I rather liked a lot. Together with Nish-Lapidus, they’ve formed Several Futures who are playing Ottawa’s Gabba Hey on May 6, Montreal’s Brasserie Beaubien on May 7, Peterborough’s the Spill on May 13, and Toronto’s Double Double Land on May 26, all in support of their new album, Before You Forget, which is out now. I recently walked around Toronto with Several Futures and we discussed Jonny’s apartment in Toronto, roommates, the Trinity Bellwoods area of Toronto, park life, Bitondo’s Pizza, Fresca Pizza, shows at the Monarch Tavern, a cheese bag, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a walk and talk, post-punk dad jokes, PUNZ trading zone and BUNZ trading zone, curb alerts, a dog park, Coachella cultural mindset, the compression of time and temporal confusion, the internet, idea investment, the marketplace, interview safety, where Several Futures came from, Evan Davies shows up all of a sudden, This Mess and Hybrid Moments, Evan’s work in the realm of PR and marketing, Republic of Safety, Converge in a café, a dub workshop at the Hillside Festival, storming Bitondo’s, ordering, a post-punk diet, several futures, The Garden of Forking Paths by Argentine writer and poet Jorge Luis Borges, the state and future of the world, William Gibson’s visions, where Several Futures fits in Toronto, the city’s arts and cultural community, bands like Not of and Champion Lover and METZ, Track Could Bend by Joe Strutt, Feast in the East, Wavelength and the Toronto music scene, several future plans for Several Futures, the Quebec band Fet Nat is huge in Guelph, a new EP, Camp Wavelength, the Constellation Records band Sofa, Ought, the song “Lost Dreams 4: Further Out,” and then there was no future.

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Ep. #21: The Blow + Jonny Dovercourt & Ryan McLaren

Acclaimed, artful electro-pop duo the Blow moved to Brooklyn and are about to release their new, self-titled LP this October, which is their first album in seven years. Band founder Khaela Maricich and I have a chat about it, jury duty, the state of modern pop music, and their involvement in Wavelength Toronto’s ALL CAPS! Island Festival this August 10 and 11. In fact, before you hear from the Blow (including their excellent new single, “Make it Up”), Wavelength organizers Jonny Dovercourt and Ryan McLaren meet me and a dog named Socks in a Toronto park to talk about why this is the final ALL CAPS! Island Festival and why the off-leash zone is serious business.

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