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Ep. #194: Will Currie & The Country French

Will Currie & The Country French are a well-respected pop band from Waterloo, Ontario. Together since 2008, their latest album is a relatively sombre one called They Killed Us, which is available via File Under: Music and they’re playing Toronto’s Music Gallery on June 18 and Montreal’s Monument National on June 20. On assignment to write a forthcoming Music School segment for Exclaim! Magazine, I caught up with Will & The CF to discuss things like me sitting at a drum kit to stay out of photographer Dean Palmer’s way, an introductory jam/getting to know you conversation between myself on drums with only one free hand, Will on keys, and bassist Daniel MacPherson, the story behind Will’s jam space in Waterloo, this old house, musical education, the Beatles and Radiohead, Sloan and Rufus Wainwright, being left-handed and never playing guitar, his piano playing style, not being a country band, working with wood, a Korg SV-1, not being a gearhead, all about that Traynor bass, the concept behind They Killed Us and coming-of-age, jamming on “Philadelphia,” the song “No, Nothing,” and then the session was finished.

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