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Ep. #192: Marker Starling

Marker Starling is the moniker of Chris A. Cummings, an ambitious and gifted pop songwriter based in Toronto. Previously working under the name Mantler, Cummings has created a distinct body of work that treads the line between thoughtful melancholy and infectious joy. His new album as Marker Starling just came out this past March. It’s called Rosy Maze, it’s available via Tin Angel Records, and it’s prompted Marker Starling to play some shows, including one in Guelph on Thursday June 11 at Silence, as part of the 9 Years of Kazoo! celebrations. Here, Chris and I discuss living in the east end of Toronto, the frustrating housing market, working for the Toronto International Film Festival, Jem Cohen’s We Have an Anchor, Will Oldham and mystical connections, Mantler and Michael Mantler and Marker Starling, the letter M, the other Chris Cummings, stars on the rise, the Evan Solomon getting fired from CBC debacle, in-depth talks versus sound bytes, I can’t remember Amanda Lang’s name, depleting press outlets, doing well in Europe, things that influenced Rosy Maze, owning 5,000 vinyl records, listening not collecting, the Beatles mono vinyl reissues, the overall brightness within Rosy Maze, forthcoming Marker Starling records like the covers record I’m Willing, working with Lætitia Sadier, the song “Stormy,” learning languages via songs, another Marker Starling solo record of original songs is also ready to go and a band record is well under way too, parenting and creativity, the song “Husbands,” John Cassavetes, and that was it.

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