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Ep. #166: Tom McCaffrey

Tom McCaffrey is a renowned comedian, writer, director, and performer based in New York City. Over the last two decades, McCaffrey’s work has appeared on Comedy Central, VH1, Funny or Die and he’s written for the Onion and Huffington Post among others. He’s acted in and directed films as well and his latest venture is a documentary about his life and work called Adventures in Comedy, which features insights from Jim Gaffigan, Janeane Garafolo, Aisha Tyler, Michael Che and more. Adventures in Comedy will be available on most streaming sites beginning February 20 via Comedy Dynamics and here, Tom and I talk about snow mountains in Manhattan and Guelph, the climate of civil and authoritarian unrest in Bill de Blasio’s NYC, mock and doc, Larry David and the first Curb Your Enthusiasm special, weird small shows, big-talk entertainment managers, starting with Dave Chappelle, explaining the film’s concept to comedians who speak earnestly about comedy, everyone knows a Larry David, how stand-up and comedy has come into vogue, the live album Adventures in Comedy, the rap album Streets Aren’t Watching that Tom made as well, Nas, Eminem is too fast, people like us rapping in public, Morgan Freeman’s influence on Adventures in Comedy, inspiring stories, the Last Exit to Brooklyn podcast that Tom hosts, the star-studded TMC song “I’m a Headliner” and then the adventure is over.

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