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Ep. #124: Claire Cameron

Claire Cameron is an acclaimed writer from Toronto whose first novel, The Line Painter, won the Northern Lit Award from the Ontario Library Service and was nominated for an Arthur Ellis Crime Writing Award for ‘best first novel.’ Her latest book is a harrowingly devastating one called The Bear, which is told from the perspective of a six year-old girl named Anna who must take care of her younger brother in the wilds of Algonquin Park after a horrible, incomprehensible tragedy strikes her family’s camping trip. The Bear is available now via Random House of Canada and Cameron is a participating author at the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival, where she’ll read on Sunday September 14. Here Claire and I discuss Toronto the cold and the hot and people in the city who complain, what inspired The Bear, how no one knows why bears attack, making other parents cry and laugh, reading and writing a six year-old’s perspective, how kids can stay in the moment, researching what kids say and think, how we understand death, how Stick might be comic relief, when Anna was a boy, coping with grief, Claire’s role in the story of The Bear, seeing things from her late father’s perspective, bears in society, demystifying bear attacks, Jaws and The Bear, the inspirational and tragic attack at Algonquin Park and basically living with black bears in Hearst, Ontario, Steven Herrero’s research on patterns and prevention of bear attacks, mothers with cubs might not be as dangerous lone, hungry males, collecting bear stories, don’t be a chicken turn musician, trying to teach one’s self to make hard-edged electronic music, how The Line Painter was inspired by a song Cameron wrote, loving Neil Young’s quiet/loud dynamic and seeing him in London, England, the Greendale tour, how Claire is working on at least three ‘dead books’ and at least one ‘live one,’ how people weirdly classify Claire’s writing in crime and horror categories, The Road by Cormac McCarthy, reading at the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival, and that’s all we could bear.

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Ep. #66: Wes Marskell + Jason Couse of the Darcys

Wes Marskell and Jason Couse are childhood friends who play together in a Toronto band called the Darcys. Known for an enigmatic kind of powerful pop music, the Darcys’ latest album is 2013’s Warring (out via Arts & Crafts) and they’re playing a sold out show with July Talk at Hillside Inside in Guelph on Saturday Feb. 8. Here Wes, Jason, and I discuss their band house, the best apples, Toronto District School Board arts funding cuts, how kids ask the darndest, most astute things, being crazy kids who destroy golf carts in Toronto, the Muppet Babies version of the Darcys band called Bernice, going down on white girls, the insane saga of Wes’s amazing Breaking Bad-esque rise and fall as a student in Guelph, amazingly inspirational high school teachers, drugs, the history of the Darcys and a short list of places where its members are prohibited from frequenting because of past indiscretions, the criminal undertones of the Darcys, remixing everything, covering Steely Dan and not being some kind of gimmicky band, surprising people with new sounds and a new project involving the work of Cormac McCarthy, awkward intensity, the song “Horses Fell,” and more

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