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Ep. #324: Daniel Romano

Daniel Romano is a multi-talented musician, producer, songwriter, and label co-owner, who currently calls Fenwick, Ontario home. Over the past 15 years, he’s made a name for himself in bands like Attack in Black and Daniel, Fred, and Julie, and also as a solo artist exploring the far reaches of folk, country, rock, and punk music. His sixth solo album is called Modern Pressure, which was just long-listed for the 2017 Polaris Music Prize in Canada and is otherwise being lauded as Romano’s finest and most mystifying album yet. It’s out courtesy of You’ve Changed Records in Canada and New West Records elsewhere and it prompted Dan to return to this show to discuss turning off the refrigerator in his compound apartment, music appreciation and consumption, Jennifer Castle, diss tracks and his new song about the Ramones and U2, the new tape by his band Ancient Shapes, Bob Dylan’s recent speech accepting his Nobel Prize for Literature, the future of his old band Attack in Black, Modern Pressure, and much more. Sponsored by Pizza Trokadero, the Bookshelf, and Planet Bean Coffee.

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Ep. #204: Michael Franti

Michael Franti is a musician, filmmaker, and humanitarian currently based in California. Emerging as a founding member of Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy more than 20 years ago, Franti has cultivated a loyal and large following for his nuanced and positive solo work, fronting his own band, Spearhead. His latest album is 2013’s All People, but he has just released a new single and video for the 2015 song, “Once a Day.” Franti is headlining the Main Stage on Friday July 24 at the Hillside Festival in Guelph and here, we discuss San Francisco weather, living in Edmonton at 15 years old during the winter, opening for U2’s Zoo TV Tour in 1993, the Ed, when U2 was cool, Primus, expressing a range of emotions, music as a form of inspiration, positivity and cynicism, meeting the Dalai Lama, Unrestricted Monk, the song “Once a Day” and how it reflects a health scare involving his son and the love it inspired, the new album, the lowdown on a new documentary about himself tentatively called 11:59, the song “Once a Day,” and that’s it.

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