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Ep. #163: Tim Heidecker and Gregg Turkington

Tim Heidecker is the host of the highly esteemed film criticism web series, On Cinema at the Cinema, and also the star of the action show Decker, both of which air on Adult Swim. After a dramatic exit at the end of season five and missing the first episode of season six recently, Heidecker has left Jackson Hole, Wyoming and is back in Hollywood at the helm of On Cinema at the Cinema, providing excellent insight about what we all should see at the movies right now. Accompanied by his frequent On Cinema guest expert, Gregg Turkington, Tim and I discuss why he returned to On Cinema last week, whether or not he’s sick of movies and actors, why he left Gregg in charge of the show, the latest news about Gregg’s On Cinema segments, why Ayaka and her baby were staying at Gregg’s place, how Tim is now staying at Gregg’s place, the current status of Decker 2, the tension between Tim and Gregg, 2015 Oscar Award predictions, what’s next for On Cinema, and that’s a wrap!

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