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Ep. #295: Lido Pimienta

Lido Pimienta is a gifted, outspoken musician and artist who originally hails from Barranquilla, Colombia but has lived in Canada for a decade now. Based in Toronto, Pimienta was featured on the cover of NOW Magazine earlier this year, discussing racism in Toronto’s music community and she’s a key vocalist on A Tribe Called Red’s latest album, We Are the Halluci Nation. She’s renowned for writing challenging electronic music and singing impassioned songs in Spanish, as evident on her excellent new record, La Papessa. Lido Pimienta is a featured performer at Stay Out of the Mall XV, a benefit concert for the Canadian Cancer Society and Guelph Food Bank, which I co-organize, and this year takes place on Thursday December 15 and Friday December 16 at the Ebar in Guelph. Lido and I caught up recently to discuss empowerment, white supremacy, racism, hope, feeling in music, enlightenment, language openings, love, inclusivity, her song “QQTVB (Quiero Que Te Vaya Bien)” and much more.

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Ep. #68: Bear Witness from A Tribe Called Red

Bear Witness is a co-founder of the inventive Ottawa-based trio A Tribe Called Red. Renowned for making a sophisticated kind of dance music dubbed “Electric Pow Wow,” A Tribe Called Red’s live show is a sensory overload, mixing powerful music with stunning visual imagery drawing from underground and aboriginal culture. Their infectious energy has translated well onto record too; their 2013 album Nation II Nation made the shortlist for the Polaris Music Prize, earning the group the high profile and platform they so richly deserve. A Tribe Called Red are touring across Canada with select U.S. dates in February, including a stop at Guelph’s Hillside Inside festival on Friday Feb. 7. Here, Bear and I discuss remembering Vish, the Polaris Music Prize gala, having to follow METZ, feeling like you belong, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s victory, the biggest challenges in gaining a broader audience, the level with which fans engage with what A Tribe Called Red addresses in their work, the surprising influx of conscientious, knowledgeable music fans, making music as a political act, #idlenomore and the significance of ‘the moment,’ the intersection between traditional rhythms and beat culture, the band’s plans for their new album, the song “Sisters,” and more.

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