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Ep. #334: Change of Heart

Change of Heart is an iconic, underground Canadian rock ‘n’ roll band based in Toronto, Ontario. Formed in 1982, Change of Heart initially consisted of singer/guitarist Ian Blurton, bassist Rob Taylor, keyboardist Bernard Maiezza, and drummer Ron Duffy. By the time Change of Heart disbanded in 1997, Blurton and Maiezza were the sole original members left. A rather different, 13-person version of Change of Heart entered Reaction Studio in early January of 1992 to record the album Smile, which would come to be regarded as a landmark effort in Toronto music history. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the record’s release, Label Obscura is reissuing a remastered, double-vinyl limited edition of Smile, which has prompted Change of Heart to re-convene for shows, including one in Toronto at the Horseshoe on July 22, 2017, dates in Waterloo, London, Kingston, and Ottawa in September, and shows in Calgary and Edmonton in October. I recently travelled to Change of Heart’s practice space in Toronto to meet with Michael Armstrong, Glenn Milchem, Rob Taylor, Bernard Maiezza, and Ian Blurton to discuss the history of their band, the album Smile, what Toronto was really like in the early 1990s, and other stuff too. Sponsored by Pizza Trokadero, the Bookshelf, Planet Bean Coffee, and Grandad’s Donuts.

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