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Ep. #67: Lido Pimienta

Lido Pimienta is a remarkable musician who hails from Barranquilla, Colombia but currently resides in Toronto. Known for making challenging electronic music with outspoken Spanish lyrics, Pimienta is putting the finishing touches on her new album La Papessa and she appears at Guelph’s Mitchell Hall for Hillside Inside on Feb. 7 with A Tribe Called Red. Here, Pimienta discusses how she eschews heteronormativity by asking males in her band to wear dresses, her time spent living in London and Toronto Ontario and her upbringing in Colombia, her fierce denial of tokenism, why she thinks love songs might not be what the world really needs now, her love of satire and confrontation, media manipulation, the explosion of music in Colombia, the latest on her next album, the song “Agua,” and more.

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