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Ep. #52: Tim Midyett of Bottomless Pit

Tim Midyett is a man and musician currently based in Chicago, Illinois. For 18 years he played in a beloved and prolific rock band called Silkworm. He and Andy Cohen of Silkworm formed a new quartet called Bottomless Pit in 2005 and they have released cool records sporadically ever since, including a new one called Shade Perennial, which is available now courtesy of the Comedy Minus One imprint and prompts them to play Chicago’s Township on Nov. 16. During our conversation, Tim and I discussed websites, Metallica, Lou Reed, the origins of Bottomless Pit and the end of Silkworm, the death of Michael Dahlquist, Neil Young and New Order, former Silkworm member Joel RL Phelps and the documentary Couldn’t You Wait? The Story of Silkworm, fatherhood, making a living by contributing to underground culture, cooking and eating the food you cook, what Steve Albini is like, the future of Bottomless Pit, the song “Fleece” and more.

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