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Ep. #25: Jon Wurster

Jon Wurster is one of the best drummers in rock music and he has proven this to be true by filling that role for people like Bob Mould, Rocket From the Crypt, R.E.M., A.C. Newman, Katy Perry, and many more. He’s also a comedic writer and performer, often appearing on The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling and he’s been featured in music videos and commercials that you might very well have seen. Aside from his relatively recent post in a great band called the Mountain Goats, Wurster is likely best known for playing in Superchunk from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. There is no band like Superchunk; they are a kinetic, power pop force that have been inspiring people with their work for close to 25 years. The band’s 10th studio album is a mighty one called I Hate Music, it was released on August 20 via Merge Records, and Jon and I spoke about why he thinks it and its predecessor, Majesty Shredding, are Superchunk’s best records, why he can’t get into Breaking Bad or Arrested Development, the distance he keeps from the work of lyric writers in his bands, escaping the Calgary flood, what’s up with Laura Ballance’s hearing issues and why he thought Superchunk should stop, a hat burned by Kurt Cobain, and how Aerosmith’s Joe Perry might not actually know how to play the solo in “We Will Rock You.”

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