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Ep. #135: The Wilderness of Manitoba

The Wilderness of Manitoba is a band from Toronto and were in Guelph last week touring in support of their new album Between Colours, which is out now. Founded by Will Whitwham, the quartet includes Amanda Balsys, Wes McClintock, and Marito Marques and together they make a hazy kind of pop music. While they were in town, the Wilderness of Manitoba and I met at my house and discussed how to turn off an IPhone, sudden podcasts, playing a university show at lunch, corporate gigs still suck, the guy from Polaris, twitter produced this episode, period blood humour, Stereolab, Will and Amanda are friends and collaborators, the band changes, drummer Marito Marques is from Arganil in Portugal, comparing Lisbon to Toronto, Amanda was in the Gertrudes, established babies, Wes is from Milton, Ontario, which has a prison and a McDonald’s, the Most Serene Republic and Miltonians, Paul Gross, Will’s dad was a banker and something of a drifter, Wild Flowers of Manitoba, Noam Gonick, fogging up pop songs, Between Colours, synesthesia and Norman McLaren, a day in Guelph, marking on the road, selling my house and Gary the cat got wet, beer work, Marito plays in lots of bands, creepy guys, Wes worked in pornography, the porn world, the current state of the Wilderness of Manitoba, many kinds of world music, the song “Leave Someone” is positive and about death, Rich Terfry is wrong, lyrical themes and upbeat songs, transitional spaces, the song “When You Go,” love songs might be over, playing shows in Ontario, the vinyl shortage, @wildofmanitoba, the song “Big Skies,” and then the band fade from my light.

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