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Ep. #106: Brad McInerney & Mike Deane of Kazoo!

Brad McInerney is a founding member of the Kazoo! concert series in Guelph. which is celebrating its eighth anniversary with two shows in town this week. On Thursday June 5, the Salt Lick Kids are reuniting to play the Jimmy Jazz with Sackville’s Kappa Chow, while on Friday June 6, Esther Grey, my Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet tribute band, …FROM a Shadowy Planet, Start Something, and a surprise special guest plays a show at the James Gordon Outreach HQ, located at 32 Essex St. The other day, Brad, his Kazoo! colleague Mike Deane, and I met at Mike’s house in Guelph to discuss things like Kazoo!’s exact eighth anniversary, Ninja High School, Households, the Maynards, Van Gogh’s Ear, 106 Huron St. and house shows, Rockets Red Glare and Jeremy Strachan breaking a bass string in the living room, punk rock squats, Hamilton Ontario, Caledon Village, the Grange St. house/Burnt Oak collective, the hilarious Burnt Oak/No-Fi feud, Ell V Gore, how Kazoo! began, Diamond Rings, transient towns, I start eating dinner, Mike’s history as a show promoter, my amazing job at a car rental company, the Poultry Palace, Montreal was a bust, when Mike met Brad, checking in on my dinner, etiquette, Señor Chipotle, going from playing music to setting up shows, making things better, enriching communities and DIY networks, the influence of Fugazi, selfish community-building, putting Guelph on the map, Rancid, NOFX, and Ramones, Martini, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, being in a band as an 11 year-old, Start Something, random notes and delay knobs, Cake Bomb Bolivia, Elbow Beach Surf Club, stopping the rock, Le Cyc and Polydactyl Hearts Collective, let’s start a band, Jazz, nursery school bands, Aaron Levin from Weird Canada, the general health of Guelph’s live music scene, transients and residents, the best Kazoo! Fest ever took place in 2014, selfless community-building, people who stick around town and do/make stuff, Guelph is too white and old, many things in Guelph don’t interest Mike, the overabundance of stuff to do in Guelph, Macdonell St. at 2 AM and pee floods, someone broke into my car and stole my mints, Guelph feels bigger, strangers at shows are good, Brad calls Mike and I on booking our own bands to play this Kazoo! 8th Anniversary show, Don Pyle is a superb drummer, I forgot that I played Kazoo! shows with Wax Mannequin before, a rundown about these anniversary shows, Olive the dog, excitement, the Start Something song “Hard Times,” and then it’s over. Or is it?…

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I’m playing drums with Wax Mannequin & The Burning Hell again

I’m playing drums with Wax Mannequin and the Burning Hell for two shows soon:

08/31/2011 The Ebar – 41 Quebec St. Guelph, ON w/The Skeletones Four $8 w/food donate/$10 AA/Lic
09/01/2011 The Casbah – 306 King St. W. Hamilton, ON w/Lowlands $10 AA/Lic


Wax Mannequin + The Burning Hell + Vish = Hear Some Evil Tour 2010

In an increasingly rare circumstance, I’m actually touring across western Canada throughout March and April and it’d be very nice to meet up with those of you who live in this part of the country.

From March 10 to April 5, I’ll be playing drums with Wax Mannequin and Mathias Kom of the Burning Hell on something we’ve dubbed, the Hear Some Evil Tour. I’ve learned how to play their songs and we’re feeling pretty good about things. Oh, and I’ll be documenting our trip every week day on my CBC Radio 3 show, the Wrath of Khanna, from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM EST.

If you or anyone else might be interested in covering our shows press-wise here’s a helpful tour EPK link with hi-res photos, music, a PR, etc. If you know of anywhere in the following cities where we might be able to crash, that’d be helpful too. Here are the tour dates:

March 10 – Hamilton ON @ This Ain’t Hollywood
March 11 – Peterborough ON @ The Red Dog* (no Vish)
March 12 – Sudbury ON @ The Townehouse
March 13 – Thunder Bay ON @ Black Pirates Pub
March 14 – Winnipeg MB @ Lo Pub (Haiti benefit)
March 15 – Bruno SK @ All Citizens
March 16 – Edmonton AB @ Empress Ale House
March 18 – Vancouver BC @ The Railway Club
March 19 – Hornby Island, BC@ Joking Ballpark
March 20 – Victoria BC @ Logan’s
March 21 – Courtenay BC @ Joe’s Garage
March 22 – Nanaimo BC @ Queen’s Hotel
March 23 – Kelowna BC @ Habitat
March 24 – Penticton BC @ Voodoo’s
March 25 – Kimberley BC @ The Green Phoenix
March 26 – Cranbrook BC @ Finnegan’s Wake
March 27 – Nelson BC @ The Royal
March 28 – Ymir BC @ The Schoolhouse
March 30 – Medicine Hat AB – The Ottoman Lounge
March 31 – Lethbridge AB – The Slice
April 1 – Calgary AB @ The Palomino
April 2 – Regina SK @ The Exchange
April 3 – Winnipeg MB @ Lo Pub
April 4 – Thunder Bay @ Black Pirates Pub
April 5 – Sault Ste Marie @ Bottoms Up

So yeah, there you go. If you wanna contact me about any of this, please do.

See you soon I hope.