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Ep. #283: Dylan Moran

Dylan Moran is a highly esteemed and award-winning Irish comedian, writer, author, actor, and filmmaker whose work has been compared to that of William Shakespear and Oscar Wilde. In a four-star review, The Guardian once said, “His comedy takes on an existential dimension, as tubby, nicotine-starved, emasculated Moran comes to represent the struggles we all wage for meaning and connection.” After a successful tour of Europe, Moran brings his Off the Hook tour to North America, including Canadian dates in Toronto on October 14, Ottawa on October 15, Halifax on October 17, Calgary on October 30, Vancouver on November 2, and Victoria on November. Here, Dylan and I discuss life in Edinburgh, Brexit and the E.U. and Scotland, how inflamed xenophobia impacts an artistic mind, yearning for darker times, no more white filters and tribalism, the frightgeist, keeping up and comedy, getting out of bed, Off the Hook, having fun, feel and winging it, a whole other show, a world with no mirrors, articulating what you’re doing while you’re doing it, what we know about Ireland and what some people know Canada, Dublin’s different, Irish syntax, the Great White North, stock taking, and that was it.

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