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Ep. #79: Nick Sewell of Biblical

Nick Sewell sings and plays bass in a mighty rock band from Toronto called Biblical. Formed in 2010, Biblical features members of the Illuminati, the Bicycles, and the Old Soul and are hailed for their heavy, swirling take on psych rock. The band’s blistering new album is Monsoon Season, which is out now via New Damage Records, and it’s prompted them to tour, including a stop in Guelph during Kazoo! Fest between April 9 and 13. Here, Nick and I discuss his dad John Sewell who was Mayor of Toronto between 1978-1980 and has some thoughts about Rob Ford and the current state of municipal affairs, Nick’s own political aspirations or lack thereof, whether or not Biblical is a metal band and how Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet might be a subtle influence, other possible misconceptions about the band based around ‘psych’ or ‘stoner rock’ tags, the emotional complexity of Monsoon Season, being small in a huge space, travelling, fleeing, and restlessness, Biblical’s new songs and upcoming plans, the song “All Justice No Peace,” and more.

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