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Ep. #45: Nick Thorburn of Islands

Nick Thorburn is a gifted musician, singer, and songwriter who fronts an American-based Canadian band called Islands. The new Islands record is called Ski Mask and it was released Sept. 17 via the band’s own Manqué label. They’ve been on tour over the last few weeks and make a stop at the Halifax Pop Explosion on Saturday Oct. 26. This past summer, Thorburn and I met on the patio of Toronto’s Saving Gigi and discussed his state of mind, how he’d like to die (drowning vs. smack OD), anger and intimidation towards the music industry, validation, his thoughts on contemporary music, his film school roots, his lack of musical training, how Ski Mask is a progression of the relationship themes on the previous Islands LP, A Sleep and a Forgetting, the Gordon Brothers’ contribution to Islands, his potential plans for a record with EL-P, the future for his bands Mister Heavenly and Human Highway, the song “Hushed Tones” and more.

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