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Ep. #157: Long Night with Me, Aisha Alfa, Freddie Rivas, Anne Kingston, and the Weather Station

As some of you know I host a live talk show called Long Night with Vish Khanna every month (between November and March) at the Great Hall, as part of Long Winter in Toronto. The most recent episode on January 9, 2015 was actually recorded and so I’m presenting most of it to you here. You’ll hear the talk show band stylings of the Bicycles, the talk show sidekick stylings of James Keast, a stand-up set by Toronto comedian Aisha Alfa, a brief appearance by funny person and puppeteer Freddie Rivas, a serious interview about Jian Ghomeshi with Macleans Senior Writer Anne Kingston, and two songs by the Weather Station, as performed by the Weather Station. The final two regularly scheduled episodes of the year take place on February 13 and March 13 so please come see them at the Great Hall.

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shot by Rick Clifford

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