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Ep. #261: Hooded Fang

Hooded Fang is an excellent and adventurous rock ‘n’ roll band from Toronto. Over the past decade, the band has toured the world and released a number of daring records that chart a unique, ever-changing sound steeped in underground rock idioms and exciting ideas. Their latest album is called Venus on Edge, it’s out now via Daps Records, and has compelled Hooded Fang to travel to different cities, including Guelph recently, where Daniel Lee, April Aliermo, and Lane Halley joined me in the CFRU studios to discuss watching me tech this episode, whether or not it’s really all that fun to do it yourself, women in music, the meaning behind Venus on Edge, a sex show, many meanings, what love’s got to do with it, existential crises, more tension, boredom and fun and side projects, Lazy Lane, playing with yourself, Itchy Lane, guitars on fire, playing guitar in BART, through composition, Phèdre and Lee Paradise, April knows Daniel or so the marketers would have us believe, sassy music videos, children are excuses, working with kids, the rise of Toronto’s consciousness, marginalized people speaking for themselves, Toronto is in Canada, progressive kids, times I’ve experienced racism, Tariq Hussain, Samir Khan, co-opting oppressive motifs, Kanye West and the Yeezus and Watch the Throne tours, hot and sauerkraut, mixed people and The Future of Hate™, what will happen to the racists, Maureen Tucker and Ralph Molina, talking about everything, post-Rob Ford, including Lane, Toronto’s all-ages punk scene, trying to do good but also tokenism, doing not talking, it can take time to get things done, VCR, pronoun awareness, Jonah Falco, including Lane, the Lawnya Vawnya Long Night talk show and its programming, baby formula tastes like science, writing what you talk, nice looking condos, needing things to write songs about, making people feel things, a pre-Sled Island show and Sappyfest, Lane’s family in PEI, google.com, Where the Streets Have Been Renamed, Daps Records, the song “A Final Hello,” and that was the end of this talking.

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Ep. #239: Long Night with Jordan Ferguson, STACEY, Sam Sutherland, and Carol Zoccoli

This episode of Long Night with Vish Khanna was recorded at the Great Hall in Toronto, as part of the Long Winter festival on Friday February 19, 2016. My guests were writer Jordan Ferguson who discussed his 33 1/3 book about Donuts by J Dilla, musician and Toronto Women in Music founder STACEY, Sam Sutherland who’s the host and creator of This Exists, and comedian Carol Zoccoli who performed stand-up. My sidekick is James Keast and the Long Night house band is the Bicycles. Recorded by Dave MacKinnon. Produced by Long Winter, Vish Khanna, and Joel Garcia.

Long Night

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Ep. #208: Gary Taxali

Gary Taxali is a gifted and renowned visual artist, author, and illustrator who lives in Toronto. He has exhibited his work in galleries around the world and his images have appeared in many major magazines and advertising campaigns. He also owns his own toy company, Chump Toys, is a teacher at OCAD University, and is one of Canada’s most sought after speakers and lecturers. The Cambridge, Ontario gallery Idea Exchange is exhibiting Here and Now: The Art of Gary Taxali at Design at Riverside until September 20. Here, Gary and I talk about the mysterious tulsi tea that yogis often drink, teaching at the National Institute of Design in India eight months ago, returning to India after many years and not knowing the dialect, Hindi school, seeing Indian movies on Gerrard Street in Toronto’s ‘little India’ as a kid, secretly loving Indian films and culture growing up in Canada, the film Amar Akbar Anthony, assimilation and culture shock as a first generation Canadian, recognizing one’s cachet after high school, Indians in the NBA, the Indian-ness of Gary’s work, parental and family support, his dad the hobby artist, Johnnie Walker, Indian judgment, working for Penthouse and doing a billboard for Levi’s, working collaboratively and the importance of maintaining one’s copyright, ethical considerations, doing fewer illustrations, working with Converse, talking about the Mississippi Delta Blues, Wyatt Cenac and Jon Stewart and white dudes satirizing people of colour, political correctness in art and life, the Bernie Sanders #BlackLivesMatter protesters, punk rock, holding a gallery exhibition between now and the third week of September at Idea Exchange in Cambridge Ontario, Canadians not recognizing achievements by Canadians before international patrons do, watching Kanye West perform at the Pan Am Games, a new solo exhibition called Hotel There at the Robert Levine Gallery in NYC, where the art goes, the Morgan Spurlock story, a Mike Myers story, my print of Gary’s famous work OH NO., the future, and that was it.

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