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Ep. #234: Michelle McAdorey

Michelle McAdorey is a gifted and iconic Canadian singer, songwriter, and musician based in Toronto. Well known for her role as the lead vocalist of Crash Vegas, McAdorey has cultivated an intriguing solo discography. Her latest record is a lovely collection of folk-oriented rock called Into Her Future, it’s out now via the DWR label, and she’s been playing shows in support of it, including an appearance at Long Winter on Saturday January 16 at the Great Hall in Toronto. Here, Michelle and I discuss a CSI Holiday Pop-Up Market and Social, pop-up culture, our attention spans and substance hunger, the return of the horse, growing up in Toronto’s Beaches area, Lake Ontario, adoption, eating and interviewing, the adoption registry, bastards and Game of Thrones, meeting her birth mother, becoming a mother herself, Patti Smith and Joni Mitchell, bias against working people who have children, artistic impulses are difficult to turn off, singing to your kids is good for your singing, the impact of motherhood on the songs for Into Her Future, a singular love, communication, a CSI sandwich, seeing Crash Vegas on TV, as a kid, the video for “Inside Out,” Another Roadside Attraction, Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo, Phleg Camp, Eric Chenaux and Gavin Brown, post-punk, business time, major label musical chairs, money is a drag, inoffensive analysis within a small country, Rat-Drifting, full circle, payola, leaving Crash Vegas to experiment, working with Greg Keelor again, playing with James McKenty and Chris Altmann, hitting the road again, reservoir of songs, it’s exciting to always be writing, it gets sketchy, how music is and isn’t valued, doomed to do it, the song “Culvert Jack,” son of a stranger, and then we left the pop-up shop.

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