A CBC Radio 3 Christmas Carol

xmas-blogHey now,

So, my CBC Radio 3 show, the Wrath of Khanna has a weekly literary gathering called the What’cha Readin’ Book Club. Basically we spend a month devoted to a single book and we read and discuss it together every Friday morning from 7-10 AM EST on the R3 blog.
In December we’re doing something pretty special. Aside from spending our time with the late Mordecai Richler‘s Barney’s Version, I have written and produced a satiric, radio play adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol. On December 24th, the entire CBC Radio 3 Christmas Carol will be available as a podcast that people can download at or on iTunes. But starting Friday December 3rd, I’ll be airing two or three scenes a week on my Wrath of Khanna show, which simulcasts on and Sirius 86.
The cast can be viewed below and, based on its Canadian indie-rock pedigree, this is definitely not your grandparent’s Christmas Carol. It might be a tad “inside” in many respects but the classic story is there.
So yeah, I hope you enjoy it. It’s supposed to be funny.

Happy holidays!
Ebenezer Vish Khanna

The Wrath of Khanna & The What’cha Readin’ Book Club Present:

A CBC Radio 3 Christmas Carol!

An adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic


Legendary East Coast Musician, Al Tuck

Dallas Wehrle of Constantines

Stuart Duncan of Out of this Spark Records

Magali Meagher of Sheezer and the Phonemes

With CBC Radio 3 Staff Members:

Vish Khanna

Pedro Mendes

Craig Norris

Tariq Hussain

Andrea Gin

John Paolozzi

Lisa Christiansen

Lana Gay

and Chris Kelly

Plus Radio 3 listener Michael Vasiliauskas

With special appearances by Scott Russell of CBC Sports

And Jim Guthrie, as Tiny Jim Guthrie

And our narrator is Buck 65

On-air schedule at and Sirius 86 (Fridays, 7-10 AM EST):

December 3: Scenes 1-2
December 10: Scenes 3-5
December 17: Scenes 6-8
December 24: Scenes 9-11 + Podcast Launch