Sufjan Stevens on MVIMS – 10/28/2009

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Next week the Mich Vish Interracial Morning Show! is pleased to welcome Sufjan Stevens to the program at 8:00 AM EST.

Sufjan Stevens

This interview was ostensibly conducted for a large piece on Sufjan and Asthmatic Kitty that will appear in the next issue of Signal to Noise. A full transcription will soon appear at as well, but you can obviously hear it firsthand on our show next week.

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p.s. Here’s another excerpt:

…[w]ith the hula hoops and superhero costumes of the Hooper Heroes [in the BQE], you’ve again reflected a fantastical comic book world within the context of your music; what is it about this medium that appeals to you as a visual artist?

You might have a better perspective in assessing my motivation in all that, in creating a fabulous, fabricated environment. I’m not really sure where it comes from. It’s probably just the fact that I believe what I do is artificial—that art is artifice and a fabrication. It’s not real; it’s a reflection or representation of reality but it isn’t reality. So, the colours are much more saturated y’know, in the art work and the sounds are much more dramatized. There’s a kinda melodrama inherent in almost everything I do, whereas myself as an ordinary, every day human being, I’m extremely normal, ordinary, level-headed, phlegmatic, and I don’t have dramatic outbursts. Whereas my music is always clamouring for attention and so I think it’s like an alter-ego. It’s true for a lot of artists but my work is really animated; it’s the work of the imagination. It’s the language that I use to represent very real, true, ordinary, and tragic events in every day life. For me, the BQE is a tragic object because of how it’s displaced people, the way it’s an obstacle, the pollution and noise, and the constant upkeep and the traffic and all that. It’s a very real, practical problem in my life every day and my way of rendering that through art is to transform it into a fabulous object. Into a transcendent, phenomenal experience that’s completely unreal, completely artificial. The Hooper Heroes come to represent all these issues—environmentalism, urban planning, and the plight of the pedestrian versus the monstrosity of the city. The Hooper Heroes represent that as these artificial comic book characters.

It is fascinating to me that your route to escapism is often rooted in real places and things. They’re not phenomena, they’re states, they’re places people can visit. I guess you’re just re-imagining them in a weird way.

Yeah, maybe I have a utopian view. Maybe I’m an idealist in that way. Because I think in regular life, I’m a bit of a pessimist. I don’t necessarily presume the best in life for me. I expect things will work out but in my work, it’s definitely a heightened idealism.

…[W]hat’s next for you in terms of your own music and that of Asthmatic Kitty?

Well, I’m trying a lot of new material on this tour and they’re kind of long-form songs—meandering, works in progress, but I’m hoping that they’ll eventually find themselves on an album. So I think that all of that negative view of the state of affairs of the music industry and the demise of the LP and all this—I feel like that’s sort of old news for me. It’s a recent crisis but one I feel that I’m getting around. I think that a lot of the new material that I’m working on is inspiring enough to get me to record it and maybe have a new record out next year.

And you’re freeing yourself of any conceptual restraints?

Yeah, I don’t know if I’ll have any success doing that because it’s how I’ve worked for so long but generally, I’m trying to dissuade any kind of conceptual framework and just write music, love songs, pop songs, and just forget all that conceptual mess…


Carolyn Mark on MVIMS – 10/21/2009

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This week the Mich Vish Interracial Morning Show! is pleased to welcome Carolyn Mark back to the program at 8:05 AM EST.

Carolyn Mark

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CFRU Glam Slam 2009: A Tribute to Michael Jackson!

KYEO & The CSA Present:

Thursday October 29, 2009



King Neptune & His Tridents (circa summer gig, 2009) Photo by Karolina Kuras

King Neptune & His Tridents is an all-star gathering of Guelph musicians, who first started playing together in 2003. The event that brought them together was CFRU’s Glam Slam Ball, which was first popularized in Guelph in the early 90s, as a “fake prom” where young students and people waaaay past high school could get dressed up and party like there were no chaperones in the room. Rekindled six years ago at the Ebar, the Glam Slam has gained new life as a hotly anticipated, annual, pre-Halloween bash that marries amazing music with dancing, formal wear, and a unique “prom” theme.
This year, King Neptune & His Tridents pay tribute to pop icon Michael Jackson, performing songs that span his career and are guaranteed to light up the dance floor. This 2009 Glam Slam incarnation of the band features Alison Bell-Smith, Andrew Collins, Bill Whitehead, Chris Hierlihy, Dave Withers, Drew Mcivor, Jeff Munro, Jessy Bell Smith, Johnny Merritt, Jordan Howard, Tristan O’Malley, and Vish Khanna. Patrons are all encouraged to wear prom wear of course but dressing as some incarnation of the King of Pop would be double nice!

Special Guest:

DJ Charless

Thursday October 29, 2009
The Ebar 41 Quebec St. Guelph
Doors at 10:00 PM

$8 with non-perishable food item
$10 without

Tickets Available:
The Bookshelf – 41 Quebec St. – Guelph
Orange Monkey – 005 Princess St. – Waterloo
(non-perishable food items will be accepted at ticket outlets)

Proceeds benefit CFRU 93.3 FM
All food items collected will benefit the Guelph Food Bank.
musicprogramming [at] gmail [dot] com


KYEO & CSA PRESENT: SHAD + I AM ROBOT AND PROUD @ Ebar – 10:00 PM $10 w/food donation /$12 – AA/LIC benefit for:

KYEO & CSA PRESENT: STAY OUT OF THE MALL VIII @ Ebar – 9:00 PM $10 w/food donation /$12 – AA/LIC benefit for: