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Ep. #308: Bonnie Trash

Bonnie Trash is a cool, arresting new rock duo consisting of twin sisters Emma and Sara BV. Based in their hometown of Guelph, Ontario, the BV sisters also play in a psych rock band called the Folk, which is currently on hiatus so that the pair can concentrate on the darker pop of Bonnie Trash. Featuring distorted guitars, synthetic percussion, and impassioned vocals, Bonnie Trash is a compelling live band about to release their first EP, Ezzelini’s Dead. At the end of this interview, which is really fascinating if you’re into Nirvana’s In Utero, Steve Albini’s record engineering, Black Sabbath’s final lap, cannibalism, the long, shared history between Guelph and Italy, and more, we actually premiere a song from the EP called “Sleepless Sheep.” Sponsored by the Bookshelf, Pizza Trokadero, and Planet Bean Coffee

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