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Ep. #260: Long Night with BRAIDS, Dan Meades, Freyja & Zamudio, and Eastern Owl

This episode of Long Night with Vish Khanna was recorded at the Rocket Room in St. John’s, Newfoundland, as part of the Lawnya Vawnya Arts Festival on Friday May 6, 2016. My guests were multi-instrumentalist Austin Tufts of BRAIDS, social policy expert/anti-poverty advocate/Third Place Tonic co-founder Dan Meades, independent design studio proprietors Anjela Freyja and Teo Zamudio of Freyja & Zamudio, and local First Nations women’s drum group, Eastern Owl. My sidekick is Elling Lien and the Long Night house band is Blimp Rock. Recorded by Chris Meyers. Photos by Noah Bender. Produced by Lawnya Vawnya, Christina Dicks, Mary Beth Waldram, and Vish Khanna.

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