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Ep. #199: Rhys Darby

Rhys Darby is a talented stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and ex-soldier in the New Zealand Army who currently lives in Los Angeles. Best known for playing the well-meaning but inept band manager Murray Hewitt on the HBO show Flight of the Conchords, Darby has shown remarkable range as a vocally and physically dynamic film and television actor, in his own stand-up specials, and in his bestselling 2008 novel , This Way to Spaceship! He brings his latest stage show, I’m a Fighter Jet!, to Montreal’s Just for Laughs festival on July 22 and 24 and here, Rhys and I discuss shooting an episode of the new X-Files in Vancouver, digging holes in a forest, hush hush, on-set injuries, long-term promo, New Zealanders and Canadians have a lot in common, rugby might be over emphasized, leaping and parents and breakfast, I’m a Fighter Jet! and Top Gun, sheep rescues,  climb a single mountain, rocket retrieval, worried about Indonesia, joining the army and getting into show biz, John Clarke and Billy T. James and Monty Python and Rowan Atkinson, Michael Winslow and noises, doing stand-up on Letterman, what’s up with Flight of the Conchords coming back, missing but also transcending Murray, doing a new TV show called Wrecked on TBS, figuring out Montreal, and our meeting was finished.

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