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Ep. #77: Maica Mia

Maica Mia is a three-piece band from Montreal featuring Maica Armata, Jonny Paradise, and, most recently, bassist, Mauro Pezzente who is also a member of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Together they create a compelling, emotionally rich kind of contemporary folk music bolstered by heavy instrumentation and electronic flourishes that propel Armata’s evocative and powerful vocals.  This past January Maica Mia self-released their gorgeous second album; it’s called Des Era and has prompted them to tour, including a stop at the Drake in Toronto on Friday March 7, shows at SXSW on March 13 and 14, Quebec City on March 28, and Montreal on April 4. Here, Maica and I discuss face-touching danger, the beauty and joy of physical mail, the sound of Maica Mia and what cinematic music means, Maica’s favourite movie and her love of “animals” and phoning home,  I AM NOT AN ANIMAL, music and things that inspire Maica to make the unsettling music she makes, why a movie she hasn’t seen yet is probably her favourite movie, particular themes on the record that have become evident to Maica, Dimitri Nasrallah, how Mauro Pezzente ended up in Maica Mia, the next album, the song “wish,” and more.

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