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Ep. #60: Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras

Joel Gibb is the founder and visionary behind the Hidden Cameras, one of the most provocative and significant bands to ever emerge from Canada. For the last few years, Gibb has been bouncing between Berlin and Toronto but seems to be back in Ontario for the foreseeable future, just in time to celebrate the release of a new Hidden Cameras album. It’s called Age and it’s out Jan. 21 on Gibb’s own Evil Evil imprint. The Hidden Cameras play Toronto at the Great Hall (1087 Queen St. W.) for Long Winter on Friday Jan. 10 (Joel also appears as a guest on Long Night with Vish Khanna at Long Winter at 10 PM) and a proper record release show at Lee’s Palace on Feb. 15. Here, Joel and I discuss living in Germany, growing up in Mississauga, weird roommates in Toronto, Mayor Rob Ford, how his own life is reflected on Age, the recent controversies surrounding homosexuality at the Sochi Olympic Games and Duck Dynasty, the next Hidden Cameras album, which is already in production, the song “Year of the Spawn,” and more.

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