CBC Radio 3 Breakfast Club Podcast Launches Today


Evening Hymns atop Mount Fruity

After a long period of discussion about it happening at “some point,” my Breakfast Club show on CBC Radio 3 is now available as a podcast. The original show streams/airs on cbcradio3.com and channel 86 on Sirius satellite radio every Thursday morning from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM EST. Today’s show celebrated the third anniversary of the Out of this Spark record label with owner Stuart Duncan and Jonas Bonnetta of Evening Hymns. You can check it out here and also subscribe to the podcast if you like…

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2 thoughts on “CBC Radio 3 Breakfast Club Podcast Launches Today

  1. Jennifer Johnston says:

    You MUST bring back Vish Kannah’s the Breakfast Club!!! I love it to pieces, and how is a canadian abroad supposed to stay connected without it

  2. vish says:

    Thanks for the note Jennifer. I wish I could. Maybe I will on my own some day.

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